Turmeric prices rise

“The price of some 150 bags of finger turmeric at the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association Sales Yard and Erode Cooperative Marketing Society increased by 400 a quintal when compared to the previous day. The price of the remaining turmeric bags were steady. Only medium-quality turmeric arrived for sale at the four markets in Erode,” said R.K.V. Ravishankar, President, Erode Turmeric Merchants Association.

“Totally, 2,063 bags arrived and 65 per cent of the same were sold. Traders are quoting a higher price for some bags due to the better quality of medium-variety turmeric. But the traders have purchased limited stock only to meet demand,” he added.

He said there is no fresh local and upcountry demand for traders, and now they are buying to meet the existing demand. The present price may prevail with slight variation, based on the quality.

At the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association sales yard, finger turmeric was sold at 5,264-6,319 a quintal, and the root variety was sold at 4,391- 5,669 a quintal. Of the 1,305 bags that arrived, 488 bags were sold.

At the Regulated Marketing Committee, the finger turmeric was sold at 5,059-5,759 a quintal, the root variety was sold at 4,699 -5,569 a quintal. Of the arrival of 219 bags of turmeric, 192 bags were sold.

At the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society, finger turmeric was sold at 5,109-6,159 a quintal, the root variety was sold at 4,864- 5,559 a quintal. Of the 539 bags placed for sale, 444 bags were sold.

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