Education in India has become more competitive and focused towards securing more marks while limiting the student’s exposure to practical experience of various pressing issues that have greater implications on our nation's economy, social security and sustainability.

SparklEd is an initiation for leveraging the Education System through a practical approach by SAVe Foundation.

SparklEd will be implemented in partnership with reputed schools and universities to bring much more wisdom among the school children and young students through practical involvement, industry experts interaction, exposure visits etc. These activities are aimed at developing right perspectives about the rural economy, food value chain, state of agriculture sector, different regions local foods and culture, the gaps between rural and urban India and moreover to develop empathy to enable the students to acquire the qualities of dynamic future leaders.

SparklEd activities will be carried out in three major areas as mentioned below.

Engagement with School Children on exposure visits to Agriculture and Food Value Chain.

Collaborations with Universities in Rural and Agri Management

Talent Search - Aimed at bringing the talent among the students those who don’t have access to participate in mainstream talent search activities, Sports events and sponsorships etc.

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