SAVe Foundation partnered with NAFPO as a Institutional Associate

National Association For Farmer Producer Organisation(NAFPO) is a multi stakeholder owned platform to supporting farmer producer organisation for institutional development and business stabilization and growth and also it works with a wide range of partners to help creating an enabling ecosystem to facilitate FPO’s and also it has put a great efforts in the area like building awareness of the FPO idea among farmers ,state and National level policy makers ,financial institution ..and also in creating a credible data base of FPO’s for on-stop business interaction ,it also doing the documentation ,research and advocacy on issues concern about the FPO’s and farmer and also it give efforts in the capacity building ,training and networking to FPO’s .
As we also know about SAVe is a new generation social enterprise with it’s mission “To empower educational institution ,farmer collectives and village institutions through credible partnerships with public and private institution,so the both organisation Working in the field to empower the FPO’s and they have a similar vision for it .so SAVe associated with NAFPO as a institutional association and both the organisation are working in the way to improve the FPO’S activity .they associately working in the area of institutional development services for FPOs and FPCs market inclusion and also monitoring of FPOs and FPCs, helping them for capacity building and business plan because most of the farmers are not aware of that . Help the FPOs to minimize the institutional linkage and maximize the profit and we all know that there are so many farmers are there who can’t afford the machineries so the both organisation help them to access the technology in a very least cost and also in the field of post harvest solution to restrict the post harvest damage they are working in this field also and also in the field of statutory compliance and branding . So the both organisation are associately working in these field to improve the FPOs and the livelihood of the individual farmer .

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