Role of Agricultural Biodiversity with in farmer’s farm lands for promoting smart and sustainable agribusiness

22 May, International Day for Biological Diversity.

Feeding 9+ billion people has always a great challenge much before COVID19 arrival and with its entry this has become much more complex issue across the globe now with enhanced focus on providing Health Security largely by the means of Nutritious Food Security. Policy makers, Input manufacturers and suppliers, Farmer Producer Organizations, Agri Business Service Providers, Commodity buyers and more importantly the Consumers have become increasingly conscious about adoption of Good Agricultural Practices and ensuring the traceability through digitization of every transaction in the food production, value creation and supply chain.

The role of Biodiversity is very important for promotion of smart and safe farming practices which enables the farmers across the globe to ensure conservation and establishing suitable agri ecosystems to local contexts which plays critical role in mitigating climate change.  Our Research & Development Initiatives, Innovations in new seed varieties release to be more centric on their impact on establishing Agricultural Biodiversity with in the Farmers Farm land.

Role of Govts and apex institutions must have highest importance to encourage the farmers to adopt Smart and Sustainable Agricultural practices which starts from establishing Agricultural Biodiversity with in farmer’s farm lands. The direct cash transfers schemes to farmers and massive tree plantation activities (i.e. Telangana Harita Haram initiative) etc has to be well integrated with appropriate incentive mechanism to farmers for adopting such Smart Farming Practices which is key to establish a dynamic agri ecosystems to play a game changing role in future agribusiness.

On the eve of International Day for Biological Diversity it is our primary responsibility to establish new order of our Agri ecosystems and the new normal life for all in the COVID era. The thought process has to be started from our school children, Agri graduates and implementation to be done by Agri professionals, Smart Farmers and all key stakeholders in Farming. Food & Agribusiness sectors.;


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