India is one of the youngest populated countries in the world which has a greater advantage to sustain the growth rate in manufacturing and service sectors in the coming years. Youth at Colleges and Universities needs proper career advisory services in the right time before they pick up right job opportunity and make the most out of it.

In addition to the above, several employees working at different organizations do need proper guidance, advisory services to enhance their skills and knowledge to meet industry demands which can help them to persuade better careers with higher remunerations, more learning opportunities and career growth opportunities.

During the One Year period – The following services will be provided to the registered members

SAVe Foundation provides Career Advisory Services to the above segment youth to guide them on various requirements to enhance their skill, competitiveness, understanding on Industry trends and opportunities. To avail these services, the candidates are required to register by which the Career Advisory Services (CAS) will be provided for a period of One Year.

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