In India the livelihoods and economic security of farmers are extremely vulnerable with regard to agriculture productivity, quality output, adaption of smart technologies, accessing mainstream financial & market linkages due to they remain largely unorganised.

In the recent past Government of India, NABARD and SFAC ( have taken various positive steps to encourage farmers to be organised into Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs).

Since then there is a great movement in Farmer Collectives promotion in India. However, they lack proper leadership capacity building, inculcating business perspectives among the key members which are limiting to unleash their true potential to the main purpose thus the sector has been experiencing extreme difficulties to sustain the overall objectives of FPO’s to be self-sustainable and Profitable entrepreneurs. SAVe Foundation will assist the needful FPOs to strengthen their business development skills and perspectives through capacity building and orientation programs of their leadership team.
This enables them to unleash the power of collective knowledge, Aggregation of Inputs & Outputs, branding, financial and Market linkages etc.
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