Rural India has been witnessing continues decline in agriculture growth rate which is resulting in lack of proper employment opportunities to local youth and people migration to urban areas with semi-skills or no skills in majority of the cases.

There is greater need to promote large number of successful Agripreneurs in rural India to increase the growth rate of Agriculture sector and also to contribute for the Govt. of India’s historic target of doubling the Farmer Incomes and also trigger the Make in India initiative a great success. To address this issues government of India has come up various initiate to promote entrepreneurship among rural people with major focus of youth Organisations such as Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI), MANAGE, NIRD etc. have been promoting Agripreneurs but majority of these Agri entrepreneurs could not establish them self successfully after the professional training’s due to lack of proper collaboration, business partnerships support and hand holding on their day to day operations to make it sustainable & profitable. SAVe Foundation promotes potential Agripreneurs through collaborations.
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