Agrighar Webinar Series – Knowledge Sessions Registration

Agrighar Services Pvt Ltd invites to Weekend Webinar Series scheduled on weekends within Sept 12- Oct 11,2020 between 3-4.30 PM

The main objective is create awareness on Agri-livelihoods and entrepreneurship to all the stakeholders of Agri Value chains including farmers, FPOs, Youth and women

Agrighar Services Pvt Ltd, is a social enterprise registered in 2019, with an objective of promoting rural livelihoods through rurban entrepreneurship / employment in Agriculture and allied sectors specifically to youth / women / farmers & FPOs and SCALE- UP the rural economy of India. This Webinar series is mainly to create awareness among the rurban population during this pandemic, post pandemic paradigm shift in agriculture and ensure youth gets motivated to take up jobs and businesses in Agriculture sector. For more details browse This unique Webinar series is scheduled on weekends between 3-4.30 PM to reach out to all stakeholders of Agri- value chains.


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