Agri professional Views on “ Telangana Govt Telling Farmers what to grow when”


Agri professional Views on “Telling Farmers what to grow when”

To put in one point this policy will make : “Farmer Driven Agriculture to Govt. Driven Agriculture” ; Most of the Pros and Cons depends on How Govt. Handles the things…,

Detailed as follow :

Pros :

1.       Govt. Can fix Budget and allocate Efficiently

2.       Government and Farmers Plan Efficiently and Put Efforts For Input Availability  Supply without Shortage and Timely.

3.       Farmer will rely on Government in Output Buying (Assured Buying), Agent and Brokers role will be reduced.

4.       Transparency, in the all stages from Input to Output increases.

5.       Prices Fluctuation will be Minimum / Prices become stable.

6.       This will help for Organic Farming as traceability will be improved

7.       Promote Crop Diversification.

8.       Crop Rotation can be easily applied and  improve soil  deterioration

9.       Can Save Nature : Soil, Water, Air., If plan & Implement properly.

10.   Technology Advances can be seen, in future Like GIS, Remote sensing can  be useful in  Crop Identification

11.   Agri Employment opportunities will be widen ; Govt. will be forced to go for Industrialization.

12.   Crop insurance can be Strengthen

13.   Taxation can be imposed  on the Big farmers / them whom supposed to be.

Cons :

1.       Natural Calamities Events are Unpredictable Like Rainfall, Pest (Locust,FAW & PBW etc)  which when not controlled, results huge Losses (eg: If govt. promotes Paddy, if the year was Drought year, Production will be Low) hence Govt.  Become responsible for everything, We all seen in past,  how best Govt. takes responsibility in Tough Times.

2.       Industries can become  cartel.

3.       Corruption can be occurred and increased  in all the Level

4.       Supply and demand can be predicated, so Trade willn’t be   much encouraging, with the No fluctuation in the price, Margins will  be narrow down, Many Business can’t move forward.

5.       There are Many Agents and Brokers Playing critical role  in Agribusiness, May lose business opportunity, their families faces tough time.

6.       Farmers becomes Over dependent on Government

7.       Govt. has to invest Huge Capital, From where Govt. built resources is the question

8.       Unorganized things in the supply chain – Public can’t handle

9.       Bumper crop can’t be handled by Govt alone, Results in delay payments and faith on govt. come down.

10.   Quality parameters in Output and input are tough to control & Manage.

11.   Innovation in  Farming will not be encouraged !

12.   License Regime will results – many issues. And Agripreneuship will not be encouraged 

13.  Not good for Many NBFCs, Private Financial Institutions, when farmers may not come forward to take loans and Cash flow will be controlled by government. Long-term results Agriculture as a  Business rather than an relationship


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